Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What Is Amazonology?

Before you start writing to ask what amazonology is, here’s the story where it was invented. It’s by a guy named Entropy. He’s really into women in competitive situations and his website (http://BasementXsite.com) features plenty of it.

By the way, I got his permission to publish this members-only story. Thanks Entropy!

You Gotta Be Kidding!

She’s looking at her rival’s tiny breasts and thinking, “You gotta be kidding!”
You can see the girl in black is about to pull a lesbian trick on her, but we all know she doesn’t stand a prayer!

The Sweater

Oh honey! Wearing a thick sweater WILL make your breasts look bigger, but you’re no match for the real McCoy!
Note how the busty girl is mashing her giant boobs against her rival’s, pushing them down under their weight. This is a clear sign that the war is on—and that she’s crushing the enemy.

The Pinch

Bikini contest girls are great. When you see that number on their hip, you know you’re in for a treat!
The blonde with the golden bikini is pulling all the stops here to beat her bustier rival. She managed to shove her round little breasts in front of hers, and she’s showing as much breast as possible—you can see a hint or areola on her right breast.
But the great thing about this picture is not at breast level. Look at the hand of the golden bikinied girl. See? She’s actually pinching her rival’s hip to break her focus and make her lose that winning smile. Now that’s low! But it seems to be working, because the golden bikini girl has a great, warm smile while the pink bikini girl has a weird expression. Winner? The bitchier of the two!

Clear Domination

Look at the expression on the girl on the left. She is beaten, upstaged, and she doesn’t want to be there. You can even see that the blonde is holding her so she won’t go. Look at her smile, how forced it is. And look how the blonde is shoving her hips in front of her. Not only is she totally hotter, but she’s putting herself in front of the other girl.
I just love Alpha females!

Lesbian Law

Two laws of women wafare are featured here. The first says that making a joke is a way to show you don’t care about losing the fight for the spotlight. The girl on the right is clearly trying to use the humor law here.
The second is the lesbian law. It states that in order to steal the spotlight of a hotter girl, one must initiate a lesbian move, hence the blonde baring her rival’s bigger boob. But don’t be fooled: the girl initiating the lesbian move is the loser. Kissing the Alpha female is at worst a pathetic attempt at turning the tables, and at best a way to suck up to the new boss.
By the way, here, you can see from the Alpha female’s expression that she’s not fooled. Her confidence remains unwavering.


Now you just know these two have been rivals for years! And with the way they’re bumping boobs now, you can almost bet the night ended in a catfight, or in one challenging the other to some sexual contest, like a cock-sucking contest.
And with the way the brunette upstages the blonde’s breasts (the push-up law helps here), you know the blonde has to fuck better or fight better, or that rivalry would’ve been settled long ago!
Go, dirty blonde!